The MOV Reacts To C8 Science Panel Findings

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A lot of people around the valley have been talking about C8 and DuPont for years, but now that new findings are out, many people are concerned for their own health.

Monday the C8 Science Panel announced the discovery of a probable link between testicular and kidney cancers and C8.

WTAP spoke to many people around the valley on how they feel about these recent findings.

C8 has directly affected Rosann Armstrong's family. She says, "our grand children have been tested for it. and the turnout wasn't good here several years ago."

Thomas Stomes drank some of the water that may have had C8 in it. He says, "I live in that area and I've had prostate cancer. I'm not sure if that's related."

J.R. Carpenter and his family were part of the study, he says, "I believe our tests results came back negative. Weren't sure what they were looking for. Still not sure. We lived in Coolville at the time. We were on the little hocking water system is why we were participating in the study."

Schiel Khoury thinks, "cancer can be caused by any chemical. Any chemical we put into our body can cause it."

Daniel Cox sees both sides of the pictures, he says, "it's kind of bad for the economy and bad for people's health. It's bad that the C8 is in the area but people need jobs, too. It's just a bad thing all around."

Some of the people WTAP spoke to that live in areas directly affected by C8 in their water say they'll probably go to the Dr. now to get checked out for both testicular and kidney cancers.

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