Theater to Switch Hands

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UPDATE 6:25pm 03/29/2011

It won't be long before an older theater under new management re-opens in Marietta. Regal Cinemas 7 at the Lafayette Center in Marietta will remain closed for a few days, as Odyssey 7 Theaters makes the building their new home.

Theater staff says patrons are going to notice a more family friendly atmosphere with family budgets in mind.

"The biggest changes will be in the prices," says General Manager of Odyssey 7 Threat res. "The box office prices the concession prices will all be going down, which people have asked for for a long time."

Oliver says he looks forward to the new management and what customer response will be.
Cheaper prices and more family friendly fare are just a few changes coming to the movie theater in Marietta once it becomes the Odyssey 7 At The Lafayette Square.

Currently owned by Regal Cinemas, the theater will change hands April 1st.

Steve Tripp, with Odyssey Theaters, says the first thing people will notice is the attention his company pays to community and its needs.

Tripp says the company plans to be very active in the area with promotions and specials.

He says Odyssey will place an emphasis on families -- from family friendly films to family friendly pricing.

Also, over the summer the theater will also transition to digital projection, become 3-D capable and have new rocker chairs installed.

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