There is a New Firefighter in Town

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There is a new face at the Marietta fire department and a new asset.

Sworn in this morning, Matthew Alloway is the newest Marietta firefighter.

Alloway says he's excited to be here and learning his way around.
He's trained not only as a fireman but a paramedic, who is ready to go anywhere in the city.

The department now has one paramedic for each shift to provide advanced life support and that advanced level of care.

Captian Jack Hansis says the department has already made 1,600 runs just in this first half of the year and Alloway is a great asset to the team.

"It seemed like a good group of guys, dedicated to their work, so it seemed like a good place to work," said Matthew Alloway, New Marietta Firefighter.

"We are glad to have Matt on the department and on shift two in particular. We've had him on a shift for a couple calls already, just glad to get him over here on our crew and looking forward to a number of good years with him," said Captain Hansis.

Hansis says Alloway will be Hazmat trained for the job soon in his one month orientation period because all Marietta firefighters are Hazmat technician's.

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