This Weekend Change Clocks, Smoke Detector Batteries

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Time to "spring forward" this weekend.

An extra hour of daylight with daylight saving time and a reminder to take some time checking out your smoke detectors.

Firefighters recommend you change your smoke detector batteries when the time changes.

The detector should be tested once a month.

And it should be replaced every 10 years.

Firefighters say there should be a smoke detector on every floor of your home and in every bedroom.

They say it's a proven fact that they save lives.

And all too often when they respond to a fire there are no working detectors.

"A lot of times we go in and there's a smoke detector up but there's no battery in it because they get annoyed with the beeping and they take the battery out and that's not good," says Pvt. Todd Gebhardt, with the Parkersburg Fire Department. "So we want to make sure that you have one, but also that they're working properly."

Call the Parkersburg Fire Department at (304) 424-8470 to find out if you qualify for a free smoke detector.

Also, Batteries Direct donated 800 batteries to the department for anyone who needs them.

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