Three Burglaries Reported in Marietta

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Three burglaries reported Thursday in Marietta, police now look to neighbors to help find suspects.

Marietta Police Department says they don't think any of them are related.

All three do involve stolen electronics and jewelry all adding up to a significant amount.

Police say one of the burglaries occurred on the 900 block of Quarry Street. They do have a suspect.

Then another burglary reported at the 700 block of Second St., police say it happened sometime in the last couple of days.

And a third, this one on the four hundred block of 4th St., police saying it happened between only a two hour period. They say it happened sometime on Thursday between ten in the morning and noon.

Police are asking if anyone saw anything suspicious or anyone walking down the street carrying a television or electronics do the street Thursday morning to call them.

Also, police are going door to door to neighbors getting information and advising them to take extra precautions.

Police remind everyone to lock their doors and be on the look out for anything suspicious, they say it is about neighbors helping neighbors.

Again, if you have any information or see anything you're asked to call the Marietta Police Department at 740-376-2007.

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