Three People Arrested for Selling LSD and Marijuana in Marietta

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UPDATE 9/13/13 4:20 P.M.

You hear about it all the time right here at home - police making marijuana busts.

But this week they caught three people with a less common type of drug.

And it came from hours away.

Using a confidential informant, agents Wednesday night bought a pound of marijuana and 100 doses of LSD at a Marietta apartment.

The woman who lives there - Dakota Morningstar - was arrested, along with Vincent Christopher, of Cleveland and Michael Cope, of Middletown.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says investigators had been tracking the two men.

He says LSD was popular in the 60's and 70's, but it's still around.

Sheriff Mincks says the trio had a significant amount of the drug.

"We were a little bit surprised when we found LSD. LSD is not that common in our area anymore and they had a total of 147 dosage units they had brought into the Marietta area, which were were able to confiscate and recover," Sheriff Mincks says.

Morningstar, Christopher and Cope all face drug trafficking and drug possession charges.

Investigators say they were selling large amounts of LSD and Marijuana in Marietta.

Three people are behind bars.

Wednesday agents with the Washington County Major Crimes Task Force say they bought a pound of marijuana and 100 doses of LSD - more commonly known as acid.

They say the drugs were sold out of Dakota Morningstar's apartment at 1205 County House Lane in Marietta.

Agents then arrested 20-year-old Morningstar and two others that were at the apartment - Vincent Christopher from Cleveland and Michael Cope from Middletown.

While searching the apartment investigators say another 47 doses of LSD were found, plus another 100 doses in Christopher's car.

All three are charged with possession of LSD, plus Morningstar and Christopher face trafficking marijuana and Cope faces trafficking LSD.

All three are currently at the Washington County Jail.

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