Three People Charged in Beverly Meth Lab Bust

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UPDATE 11/18/2013 12:05 PM

An active meth lab is stopped in its tracks in Washington County.

Three are charged.

The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force got a tip to Albright Road in Beverly Sunday night.

But agents say this was a little more involved than usual.

It was a red phosphorus lab, making it even more difficult to neutralize.

The EPA was called in to assist.

Agents say three were involved - Donna Glendening, Dirk Filon, and Sean Yoho.

Yoho was taken to the hospital with a suspected broken back after trying to jump off the roof.

Agents say all three admitted to somehow being involved in the cook.

Yoho was arrested in July on meth charges in Parkersburg.

All three face charges of illegal manufacturing of meth.
The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force busts another meth lab, this one on Albright Road in Beverly.

Two men and one woman were taken into custody.

Inside the home a red phosphorous lab was found, which is more difficult to neutralize.

The task force contacted the EPA to remove it.

More details to come pending further investigation.

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