Three in Williamstown Mayoral Race

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A small town mayor's race with some big time politics.

Next Tuesday Williamstown elects a mayor.

This time there are three candidates, including a long time incumbent.

Long-time Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford faces two challengers in her re-election bid next Tuesday.

The two challengers are a local businessman, and a man who has run for office before.

And infrastructure is a big issue in this campaign.

Mayor Ford points to improvements on all fronts, including pending changes in the traffic pattern at the city's I-77 interchange.

But her opponents say improvements are still needed, and that includes the city's leadership.

"We're just shaping up the city to be beautiful, and taking care of our younger citizens, our older people and everyone in between," says Ford.

"For a lot of years, I've been doing sewage, roads, storm drains, slips and I think those things need to be addressed in this town," says candidate Loren Cullum.

"We need new committees, new faces. Generations need to be brought down some," says candidate David Ward.

Ford has been mayor for 17 years, and spent seven years before that on city council.

Two current members of city council are unopposed for re-election.

Again, this is not a primary.

The mayor of Williamstown will be elected Tuesday.

There are close to 1,500 registered voters in the city.

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