Through The Fence And Into The Pool

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Taken from the owner's driveway, but an SUV gets no farther than the neighbor's swimming pool.

It happened in an alley just off 16th street in Parkersburg Tuesday afternoon.

Ronnie Crawford tells us he was busy moving from his home, when someone drove off in his vehicle.

It ended up going through the fence of a home in the 2000 block of 16th street, and striking an above-ground pool.

"I've lived here nearly a year and I'm getting ready to move out and this happened," Crawford told us. "I've had trouble with people stealing stereos, but nothing like this. I got a pretty good description...a lady here said she saw him run off, but I guess he took off somewhere through here."

Crawford says he doesn't know the person who took his vehicle, but saw enough of him to give a description to police.

Police say the damage to the property was estimated at $3,500.00.

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