To "Serve", With Love

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Two worthy causes benefited from a friendly game or two of volleyball Friday.

Members of the Ohio Highway Patrol's Marietta post took on seniors from Marietta High School's boys and girls volleyball teams
Funds from the friendly showdown are going to causes for both the school and the troopers: notably the patrol's "Operation Feed".

"All the money will go to local families in need," said Patrol Marietta Post Commander Lt. Carlos Smith, "and it gives us an opportunity to get our message out to local students and the community."

"The National Honor Society is having a clean water campaign," noted MHS Principal Bill Lee, "so we thought it would be an excellent revenue source to have the volleyball game, and charge a small admission fee. And it looks like we're going to generate a couple of hundred dollars for each program."

In addition to raising money, the troopers got to meet and interact with the students. And both teams posted victories in the three games they played on the court.

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