Tomblin: Will Fight to "Get The Government Off Our Backs"

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It's the oath of office Earl Ray Tomblin has received three times in a little more than two years.

And with three of his predecessors, including outgoing U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, looking on...he said several of those past governors helped lay the groundwork for the state's recent successes.

West Virginia, he noted, has one of the best rainy day funds in the nation, and did not have to go to the federal government during the great recession to shore up its unemployment fund.

In fact, the governor got the loudest applause of his speech by pledging, when necessary, to take on Washington.

"Unfortunately for me, that means, in many instances, fighting the federal government to get off our backs and leave us alone," the governor said to a large mid-January gathering on the steps of the state capital in Charleston.

One of his goals involves public education, something the governor admitted, that in spite being well-funded, is an area in which the state is lacking.

"That means focusing to make sure our youngest get on the right track," Tomblin said, "with meaningful programs designed to make sure that, by the third grade, children have the key learning blocks for a lifetime of learning."

A large part of his inaugural address could have sounded like the governor's state of the state address, which he is to make to the legislature next month.

The oath of office was also given to other statewide officeholders, including newly-elected Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Agriculture Commissioner Walt Helmick and Supreme Court Justice Allen Laughry II.

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