Tomblin, Hino Announce Big Investment

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Governor Tomblin announces a multi-million dollar expansion to the Hino plant in Williamstown. This means more jobs and new money for West Virginia and the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"Hino's investment is an endorsement of the positive business climate that we have been able to create here in West Virginia," says West Virginia Governor Early Ray Tomblin during his announcement at the Williamstown Hino Plant.

Its a six million dollar investment from Hino Motors in Japan to the Hino plant, right in Williamstown.

"This expansion will create at least 20-- full time, good paying jobs for West Virginians by the end of this year," explains Governor Tomblin.
"We think we'll have ten jobs hired and in place sometime in early July with more to follow," says Vice President of Administration and Strategic planning at Hino, Sandy Rings.

With nearly 200 already employed, Hino has grown from producing two trucks a day to over 35.

"We had no idea it would grow like this but we're very excited that it has," explains Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford

And with this expansion the growth will only continue.

"Three million will go into this plant and machinery and equipment and real property improvement and then three million will go to suppliers who are making parts that get shipped to Williamstown," says Rings.

"We certainly hope to have additional announcements especially as a result of the Japanese trade mission," explains Governor Tomblin.

Its now momentum for the entire state to move forward both economically and in productivity.

"We want everyone to be working, to be happy, the economy to be good and that's all we ask for," says Mayor Ford.

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