Tracking Asian Carp

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Wildlife officials in Ohio and West Virginia are working together, looking for an invasive species in our local waterways.

Researchers fear what's now a common sight along the rivers of the midwest may be encroaching towards the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Officials say they've found the Asian Carp in areas of the Ohio River near Portsmouth.

Sightings have also been confirmed as north as Wheeling.

Now they're looking for the flying fish in the Muskingum River.

With the use of advanced-testing methods, researchers hope to track the species they say threatens the ecosystem and poses a concern to recreational fishermen.

"We're monitoring what we call EDNA. That's environmental DNA and that's basically trace elements of the DNA of asian carp- silver carp and bighead carp," says Michael Greenlee, with the ODNR. "These two species feed on primary food organisms like zooplankton, small aquatic invertebrates in the water column which are the building blocks of the food chain."

Officials say it may take months to figure out if the carp have made their way up the Muskingum.

They say their investigation will help them come up with ideas to keep the fish from navigating north into Lake Erie.

The concern is that the carp could ruin the great lake's sport-fishing industry.

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