Tracking Meth Making

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it's hoped a new database being used by pharmacies across West Virginia can track the sale of a key meth ingredient.

It officially began this month, and tracks the frequency individuals buy pseudoephedrine.

That fights the common cold, but it's also used to make meth.

One local pharmacist believes the system so far is working well.

"It also limited the quantities, we're at 3.6 grams of Sudafed allowed to be purchased per day," says pharmacist Dan Bond of Bond Drug Store's Vienna location. "The old law said nine grams in a total month period. The governor has trimmed that back to 7.5 grams now in 30 days."

For some years, individuals have had to buy Sudafed and similar cold remedies over the counter instead of off the shelf.

This system is an additional tool to ensure people aren't buying more than the limit of those medications allowed by law.

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