Tractor Safety

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No matter how many years farmers spend on a tractor, it's a dangerous way to make a living and can be deadly. This week a Vincent man died when his tractor flipped.

Safety should always be a priority.

Kyle Townsend, team leader at Tractor Supply Company in Parkersburg says so much of it is user error. They're either not wearing their seatbelt, they're somewhere they shouldn't be on the equipment or their roll bar isn't up.

It could be the power takeoff is engaged, which happens quite frequently. That leaves the person vulnerable for getting pulled into the machine or mangled by its motor.

“Always turn your power takeoff off when you're getting off the tractor, you know, to work on a piece of equipment,” Townsend says. “It's better to shut the tractor down, that way it can't accidentally engage. Wear your seatbelt, always make sure your roll bar is up. It's just a lot of common sense that's not being used.”

Townsend says maintenance also has a lot to do with the outcome. As long as you keep the tractor up-to-date mechanically and do what you can to avoid error, most accidents are preventable.

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