Tracy Allen Prepares for "The Voice" Audition

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It all started with a simple email. Now one local artist is taking his singing talents on the road to audition for the hit TV show "The Voice."

He's a recognizable name around the valley for many rock and country fans. Tracy Allen has performed at venues across the state and beyond.

Now he's packing up his guitar and heading north to New York City. This Sunday at 7 a.m. the singer is auditioning for the hit singing competition "The Voice."

"Well everyone keeps saying 'you have to go out for The Voice' and this past season was the first season I actually sat down and watched it and I thought it was pretty cool so I said OK. Then I got the email so I thought it was kind of fate," says Allen.

Allen recently recorded an album in Tennessee. He says it's expected to go on sale some time in August.

You can follow his progress on his Facebook fan page.

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