UPDATE: Man Pleads to Selling Heroin While on Parole

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UPDATE: 3/202014

A guilty plea for a Belpre man arrested twice for selling heroin while on parole more than two years ago.

Justin Tucker pleads guilty to two counts so of trafficking in drugs, specifically heroin, each from two different insistence.

First in October of 2011, the Washington County Major Crimes Task Force found Tucker traveling back from Columbus with 11.2 grams of heroin. Tucker was on parole at the time.

Then, still on parole, over a year later in November of 2012, Task Force Agents saw Tucker sell heroin to someone.

Wednesday, Tucker pleaded to both trafficking counts, and with the deal three other charges were dropped.

Sentencing is set for May 1, maximum sentence is 54 months.
UPDATE: 10/5/2011 5:40 P.M.

Agents with The Major Crimes Task Force made a traffic stop Tuesday evening, which resulted in a heroin bust.

When agents with the Major Crimes Task Force were asked to stop a vehicle because a passenger was under parole violation, they found more than expected.

"We made a traffic stop on them and got the dog out, and the dog indicated that they believed there was drugs there, we did a search," Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks explained.

Kelli Brown, the driver of the vehicle, told agents she was concealing drugs inside her body.

"When we took her to the jail, we had a female corrections officer proceed with her giving up the drugs."

Brown is now facing 3 felony charges including tampering with evidence, permitting drug abuse, and drug possession.

"The mere fact that you have drugs and it's in this quantity and it's concealed and you're transporting it. 15, that's about half an ounce, 15 grams, that is a lot of heroin and I'm sure it was going to be probably resold."

But that's not all. Brown is also facing charges of child endangerment.

"When they moved the kids they could see the white powder, probably heroin residue in the back there. And also in the back seat there was syringes and other drug paraphernalia laying there right in the car."

Brown pleaded not guilty to the charges of putting her kids in harms way, but Sherrif Mincks explains just how dangerous this situation could be.

"If you are a mother and you are transporting your kids into a house where you're buying drugs and then you're transporting the drugs with them, that's certainly not an environment, I think, that you'd want a 7,8,9,10 year old to be subjected to."

Her bail was set at $53,500 for all 4 charges. Preliminary hearings will begin October 12th.
According to Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks, task force agents stopped a vehicle driven by Kelli Brown of Parkersburg and her passenger, Justin Tucker.

Agents used a canine to search the vehicle and found drug paraphernalia.

According to Sheriff Mincks, Brown admitted she placed nearly 15 grams of heroin in a plastic bag in her body.

Agents also removed two children from the vehicle and found another bag containing white powder underneath one of the children.

Brown was charged with felony offenses for possession of heroin, tampering with evidence, and permitting drug abuse. She was also charged with child endangerment due to the fact that syringes and drugs were accessible to children.

She is being held without bond, pending her initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon.

Tucker is also in the Washington County Jail Wednesday with charges of violating his parole.

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