Traveling Safe For Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about getting to grandma's house safely.

Law Enforcement Officers from both sides of the river will be out on full force this week to make sure motorists have a safe time getting to their destination.

They urge drivers to leave early and allow themselves plenty of time to get to wherever they're going.

Motorists are also asked to drive within the posted speed limit on the highway.

And of course, buckle up.

"You always want to make sure that whenever you're out there you drive defensively so whenever you're out there, you're watching other traffic and watching out for their violations if say they're coming off the center at you or something, then you have time to get out of the way," says Trooper Eric Knowlton of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Officers say speeding is the number one violation drivers commit while traveling to their destination during the week of thanksgiving.

In addition, officers are reminding drivers to never use their cell phone while driving.

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