Triad Hunter Relocates to Downtown Marietta

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A multi-million dollar corporation opens their Appalachia Headquarters right here in downtown Marietta. It's the official grand opening of Triad Hunter regional offices.

"Not only is this a great opportunity for the Mid Ohio Valley and Washington County but most especially Marietta Ohio," says Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews.

While it still looks like the Chase building from the outside, it is now the new home to the Triad Hunter Appalachian Headquarters.

"It's a real gift to Southeast Ohio to have companies like this that get the history of our area and how we understand oil and gas and they want to make an investment in our part of the state and it has a ripple effect," says Representative Andy Thompson.

Many city, county and even state leaders stopped by the new Putnam Street offices to learn more about the company's growth.

"Our budget for this year is roughly 100 million, at minimum," explains President of Triad Hunter LLC, Jim Denny.

100 million dollars towards the ripple effect supporting local employment, services, and products on both sides of the river

"I think in the last three years we've doubled in jobs here in the Valley and we look forward to continue growth," continues Denny.

Triad Hunter drills and extracts fossil fuels in many counties right here in the Mid Ohio Valley for about three years now spending an estimated 500 million dollars.

"We are a economic development region and I think this kind of investment helps both, helps bring us all together united on a common front to bring opportunity," explains Representative Thompson.

Triad Hunter is also trying to bring opportunities to local organizations, along with local students. They say many interns come right from local colleges and now even a number of their employees are Marietta college graduates. "We have a tremendous opportunity for workforce training we have the ability to bring people back to Ohio who have had to leave for opportunities else where," continues Representative Thompson.

Representative Andy Thompson says with this growth, safety is top priority for him and those in Columbus. He says Congress has been working to refine laws on oil and gas to be sure safety is getting the proper look.

"We are addressing those concerns but also doing what we can to not temper or hamper exploration because the wider the window of exploration the greater the opportunities for the people of Southeast Ohio," continues Thompson.

Triad Hunter says this Appalachian area is quite possibly the most productive in the nation for oil and gas and they only hope they can continue to add to the community and do it safely.

"Given stable commodity prices I think you'll see continued growth throughout the Mid Ohio Valley in oil and gas exploration," says Denny.

Representatives with Congressman Bill Johnson were also at the grand opening. “This is win-win for Marietta and the surrounding areas," Congressman Johnson says in a statement. "Triad Hunter’s plans for expansion mean more jobs and economic growth. I continue to be encouraged about the important role that Eastern and Southeastern Ohio can play in making America energy independent.”

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