Troops Return Home on Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is a time to honor our troops for their service and the dedication they put towards our nation.

Families and friends of the soldiers got together at the Mid-Ohio Valley Airport to welcome them home.

These troops couldn't be any happier to come home.

And their family and friends share these emotional moments.

"It's pretty amazing, I didn't expect to see as many people here. It's really something really," says William Keeper.

"All I can say is pride and joy. That is the two big words I got for you there on that one," says Army Reserve Sargent T.J. LeBouef.

For these wives, it was well worth the wait to see their husbands step off the plane.

"There's no words to describe it, I mean, it's just a blessing that he made it back safely," says Elizabeth Morris.

"I can't describe it, I haven't seen him in eight months and I just been so ready for him to be home," says Tawni Keeper.

The troops are fortunate to be home on a special day where we honor veterans of the past and present.

And now, they can sit home, relax and tell their stories of their time in Afghanistan.

"Sand, mountains. That's the experience over there. That's really what it is. Missing your family everyday," says Leonard Wheatley of the U.S. Army.

"It wasn't bad, it was just a job that had to be done," says Lewis Morris of the U.S. Army.

Soldiers were also welcomed home by the West Virginia and Ohio Patriot Riders.

"If you have a son or a daughter in the military, you want to do something. This is my part, I get to come to these welcome homes and the greetings and we do military escorts for funerals and it just gives me a way to repay them for what they done for our country," says Barbara Haught of the Patriot Riders.

And the loved ones are very proud of them defending our nation.

"He believes in our country and the freedom that we have and making sure everything is taken care of and also for his family," says Donna Williams.

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