Truck Catches on Fire Next to Gas Pump

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UPDATE 8/9/13 4:05 A.M.

A scary situation at a Parkersburg gas station when a truck catches on fire right next to a gas pump.

It happened around 11 Thursday night at the 47 Carryout on Route 47.

The Eastwood Volunteer Fire Department says the driver of a pickup truck pulled into the gas station because it was backfiring and he wanted to see what was wrong.

When he pulled in, he revved it up and flames shot out from under the hood.

It was fully engulfed when firefighters arrived.

The fire department says the driver and passenger escaped without injuries.

But the gas pump was damaged , as well as the gas station's canopy.

Fire fighters say this could have ended very differently.

The gas station was closed when this happened.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but firefighters say it doesn't appear to be suspicious.

The truck is a total loss.

Both lanes of the road in front of the station were closed for about an hour
UPDATE 8/9/13

Route 47 in front of the 47 Carryout in Parkersburg is reopened following a truck fire.
Route 47 is closed in both directions in the area of the Route 47 Carryout in Parkersburg.

The Eastwood Volunteer Fire Department says a truck caught on fire next to the gas pump.

The driver and passenger escaped without injuries.

The gas station's canopy was damaged.

Authorities are investigating what caused the fire

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