Truck Spills Grease On Marietta Road

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A slippery situation for drivers in Marietta Tuesday morning and it wasn't from the weather.

A truck swerved to miss an oncoming car on Glendale Road and ended up in a ditch, but it wasn't the truck holding up traffic. It was grease all over the roadway, over two thousand gallons of it.

The truck was carry used grease and it spread from the road and into a creek near the Sherry and Glendale intersection.

Cleaning up all the grease was a big job for city crews.

"We've contacted a city crew to come out with sand. At this point, that's for traction. The clean-up crew that comes in from the company will resolve the rest of it on the roadway," says Marietta Fire Department Chief C.W. Durham.

From there, the EPA will come to clean-up the grease.

The driver wasn't hurt and the road was closed for about two hours.

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