Truck Overturns in St. Marys

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An overturned graveltruck slowed traffic to a crawl in the northbound lanes of route 2 in St. Marys for much of the morning.

Details on the accident weren't available from the St. Marys Police Department, but witnesses believe it overturned when the driver attempted to turn onto route two from West Virginia Route 16 in front of the high school.

"We heard what we thought was rumbling, which we hear sometimes from the trucks as they're gearing down, coming down from the light," said Kathleen Smith, a substitute teacher. "And then, we heard a very loud bang. Then we heard the fire sirens, and when we looked out, we saw him upset."

We're told the driver got out of the truck on his own, but was taken to an area hospital. His condition is unknown.

The truck was uprighted shortly after 10:30 A.M., and classes at St. Marys High School went on as planned.

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