Trying Out Freshly Grown Foods

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Locally grown and locally sold.

Members of the Ritchie County Farmers Market took their fresh grown foods to a whole new level at the first ever Foods Banquet.

"We're featuring dishes from all of our farmers market vendors including duck, rabbit, goat, chicken and beef and then a lot of different vegetable sides. We're using this money from this dinner to fund our market and our market manager for the upcoming years," says Alexandria Straight of the Ritchie County Farmers Market.

The Foods Banquet started with a grant from the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department.

"This is part of our promotional piece into the grant to do this local dinner to kind of get the people of the community more options to taste some of these different types of foods like goat and rabbit without having to purchase it right out to learn how to cook it and everything," added Straight.

And it doesn't stop with just harvesting crops. Vendors are taking their goods from the fields, straight to the kitchen.

"I think it's excellent. There's a really wide variety of and all of it is really good," replied Carol Loeher.

"I like the fact that I know most of the farmers that grew the foods so I know where it came from. I know there's no G-M-Os or anything that I don't want to eat in my food," Adryeo Crawford said.

"The food is absolutely delicious. Everything is fresh tasting and it was grown probably all within 20 miles from where I'm standing," says Sharron Jackson.

A great way to keep a local economy growing and healthy.

"Eating locally keeps your family farmers in business, it keeps the money in the economy, the local economy gives it to small farmers, keeps them on their farms, the foods are very nutritious and fresh so you're not losing a lot of vitamins and nutrients that that may get lost if they're more stale food," added Straight.

Members of the Ritchie County Farmers Market say they look forward to continue the Foods Banquet for many years to come.

If you would like more information about the farmers market, visit their Facebook page,

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