Tuppers Plains - Best Tasting Water in Rural Ohio

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Updated: 5/17/2013 6:20 P.M.

The tiny community of Long Bottom, Ohio is where some of the nation's best-tasting water comes from.

It's home to the Tuppers Plains-Chester water district plant, built more than 40 years ago, then doubled in 1999 from its original size. This year, for the second time since 2000, the water district is being honored for having the best water in rural Ohio.

"We soften our water to a certain degree and take half of the hardness out," says General Manager Donald Poole. "We lightly chlorinate because the distribution is clean, it doesn't take a whole lot of chlorine."

"We've expanded a lot of our telemetry at our booster stations and our tank sites," according to Adam Snowden, Chief Plant Operator. "That allows us to realize that if there is a problem that might result in a decrease in water quality, we're able to respond fairly quickly to that.

A couple of things have happened since Tuppers Plains last won this award in 2000. One was increased security in the wake of 9/11. The other was the C8 lawsuit, which ultimately resulted in water filtration plants being installed at Tuppers Plains, as well as at other plants along the Ohio River.

"In 2000, the C8 would have been present in small doses at that time," Poole says. "Now, there's no noticeable or detectable amount of C8 in our finished water at all."

The tastiest water award isn't the only honor the plant has had. The plant and its employees have been recognized by groups such as the Ohio EPA. The one award eluding it is the national tastiest water award, one it hopes to get in Washington, D.C. early next year.


PRESS RELEASE: Tuppers Plains Chester Water District Received top honors as the “Best Tasting Water in Rural Ohio” at the Ohio Rural Water Association’s 2013 Annual Management Conference & Exposition, held in Athens Ohio on Wednesday, May 8th last week. Rural water systems across the State of Ohio competed for the honor and the right to represent Ohio in the National Rural Water competition in Washington DC next February. In 2000, our Water District won top honors in Ohio and in Washington DC of that year won number two in the nation. We will be looking to win number one in the nation this year!

This award is a direct reflection of all the employees of the District and the hard work and dedication to the public service they provide. I have seen it day in, and day out, the work they do. I cannot be happier for our hard working staff and community who can say again we are the best!

The District is now holder of the traveling trophy that comes with the win and proudly displays it in the main office.

Donald C. Poole, General Manager,
Tuppers Plains Chester Water District

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