Turkey Fryer Safety

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Last year, turkey fryers caused 62 structure fires across the U.S.

Fryers can be dangerous, but most risks can be eliminated if you take necessary precautions.

Only use a turkey fryer outdoors. Never near buildings. Make sure to defrost your turkey and and avoid spillover.

Firefighters say they usually see a few cases of fryer misuse every holiday season.

"Make sure your stands in good shape and it's on solid footing so it doesn't wobble and doesn't fall down. And make sure that people stay away from it , somebody won't knock it over and spill hot oil on somebody. Burns are the main accidents that we see from those turkey fryers," says Parkersburg Fire Department Lieutenant Kevin Siers.

As with any grease fire, don't use water to try and put it out. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and call 911 immediately.

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