Turkey Sales Up Around The Valley

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Turkey sales are up.

"Turkey sales have been really good so far. We've sold a lot of turkey. Folks are stocking up," says Foodland Stores Manager, Jim Oppe.

And so is the price.

"The cost of turkey is up around 10 cents a pound," Oppe says.

But there is an alternative that many people are taking advantage of.

"We've got a real good price this year on turkey breast. I think folks are looking at it thinking, 'well instead of having turkey leftover for days, they'll get a turkey breast and maybe a ham and try something different. That way everyone gets a little bit of what they want," Oppe adds.

A non-traditional Thanksgiving feast is becoming more and more popular at the dinner table.

"Cold cuts. Roast beef. Turkey. Turkey hams. It's easy and we all like it," says Ron McDaniel of his Thanksgiving dinner.

But for those who enjoy the comforts of a real turkey dinner of Thanksgiving Day....

"Some turkey and mashed potatoes and all the goodies," Amanda says while shopping for dinner.

There's still plenty of time to stock up on all your favorites.

"We'll have people picking up turkeys Thanksgiving Day. A lot of those folks may not be having their Thanksgiving till Friday or Saturday. A lot of folks maybe have family out hunting so they may wait until the hunting calms down," Oppe says.

The price of Turkey Breast is down ten cents from last year. At Foodland, the price for turkey breast is around $1.38 per pound. A frozen turkey is 79 cents a pound.

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