Twelve Meth Labs In January Alone

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It's the twelfth meth lab in just 18 days for Washington and Morgan County.

"Now a lot of those (labs) did come from one location but I still think that there is at least a demand for it out there that these people are taking the chance and making," explains Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

This time, they were caught before they could cook. Investigators say two men had the ingredients to make meth.

Washington County's Major Crimes Task Force arrests Trent Mason and Chad Warner for illegally assembling drug manufacturing items.

Agents say they followed pseudoephedrine logs, in which they say Warner purchased that day. Through further investigation agents found Mason had purchased other items typically used for making meth including Coleman fuel.

"Our intelligence network in this county, have a pretty well we have a good idea of who all the addicts are," explains Sheriff Larry mincks. "We are also watching such things as pseudoephedrine logs and the purchase of other items that go into the manufacturing of meth along when a pseudoephedirne is purchased. We observed that with Warner and Mason and have been watching them very closely."

Agents stopped Mason and Warner in a traffic stop where they say there were many items used to make the drug including lithium batteries.

Both men have a laundry list of past convictions including probation violations, possession, and trafficking drugs.

Warner and Mason sit in the Washington County Jail with a $15,000 bond.

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