Two Dog Bites, 15 Minutes Apart

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Two different dogs, two different families and two different babies.

"Within 15 minutes, we had two fairly serious incidences of a dog biting a young child," said Sheriff Larry Mincks of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

It happened on Monday night. The Washington County Sheriff's Department says in both cases the child got in the dog's face when it was either eating or chewing on a toy.

"Both of them appear to be, not the dog's fault. The dog was, a large dog, but they were eating. The small child, year to year in a half, just sort of went over and started to reach in, and get what they had. One of them was a chew toy and one of them was actually some food," said Mincks.

The toddler was cut on the top of her head from the bite.

The 9-month old was cut on the back of her head.
She had several scratches on the side and her right eye was swollen and bruised.
She was flown to Columbus by medical helicopter for advanced treatment to her eye.

Sheriff Mincks says teaching your children about animal safety is very important.

"Be very careful if you have a child, of a young age, getting close to not only your dog but someone else's dog. If you're out walking and people say, oh that dog is okay it never hurt anybody, well maybe its never had a child grabbing its nose and twisting it around. Just be very careful," said Mincks.

Sheriff Mincks says a pet dog is still an animal, with animal instincts.

"And if you have a dog, and you have young children, you have got to keep an eye on them all the time. Cause in just a split second, and that's what happened in both of these, the dog reacted and they are animals, and that's their training and no matter what kind of a pet they may be, that instinct sort of takes over and they react," said Mincks.

Both children are expected to make a full recovery and both dogs are at home with their owners.

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