Two High School Seniors Graduate While Fathers Serve in Afghanistan

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A special graduation day for two Marietta High School seniors, whose fathers couldn't be there. Or so they thought.

All the way from Afghanistan. Thanks to technology, two soldiers see their children graduate.

WTAP live-streamed the graduation through our web channel.

Making Dad, a world way, feel like he was right here in the Mid-Ohio-Valley.

Every parent dreams of the day to watch their child walk across that stage.

That shinning moment, high school graduation.

"It's been a rough deployment, I was like in tears. I went in and said, Garrett your dad's going be able to watch you graduate," said Angie Scott, Mother of Graduate.

Rodney Scott is currently serving in the United States Army, First class, 779 Engineer Batallion, Afghanistan

"779, First Engineers, Afghanistan. Garrett wave to your dad," said Principal Bill Lee, Marietta High School.

His son, Garrett Scott says it's been hard. He's very close with his father and he's missed almost his whole senior year.

"We would always go fishing and golfing, I mean, skiing, he basically taught me all the hobbies that I do. I guess that you could say that, I'm my fathers son," said Garrett.

When home, Rodney Scott is on the Marietta Fire Department.
The department got together hoping they could find a way for Rodney to see his son graduate.

"It would mean a lot to him, this is his second tour overseas. He did one in Iraq and now he is in Afghanistan," said Lt. Larry Bargeloh, Marietta Fire Department.

Lt. Bargeloh says it was just something little, but meaning so much, they could do for him, while he is over serving our country.

"I'm sure if Rodney was here, he would do it for someone else that was over seas. it's a pretty big brother hood and we try and take care of our own," said Lt. Bargeloh.

And another graduate Kira Gillenwalters waves to her Dad, also in Afghanistan.

"Tim Gillenwalters, he is First Sargent, 779 Engineer Company in Afghanistan, wave to your Dad," said Principal Lee.

That moment of joy touching hearts around the room.
The sacrifice their father's are making, across the world.
Now is only a computer screen away.

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