Two Indicted for Rape in Washington Co.

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Washington County Grand jury hands down 10 indictments two of which are for rape.

Prosecutors say in 2007, Jeffrey Brown, had sexual contact with an eight year old on at least three different occasions.

At the time, Brown was the live-in boyfriend of the victim's mother. The two have separated since.

Prosecutors say it all came to the surface when the victim, now 14, showed concern for her younger half-sister, Brown's daughter. That sister would now be eight years old.

The victim told a counselor she was worried about her sister who still visited Brown. The investigation began there.

Investigators with the Marietta Police Department and Washington County Sheriff's Office say Brown eventually confessed to both the mother and authorities to having oral contact and touching the older sister.

Prosecutors say the younger sister has been interviewed and as of now, has not shown any indication of abuse to her.

Brown is currently in the Washington County Jail charged with three counts of rape, three counts of gross sexual imposition, and three counts of sexual battery.

Also indicted for rape on a separate occasion, 53-year-old Larry Blair.

Prosecutors say in February, Blair was at the bar with a group, including his niece, who is in her 30's. They say at the end of the night Blair offered her a ride home, taking her to his house.

There the victim says Blair, her uncle, raped her.

Blair denies all allegations.

Prosecutors say BCI DNA testing rules out the likelihood of any other suspect.

Blair is charted with one count of rape.

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