Two Meth Labs, Three Arrests; Washington County

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Two meth labs and three arrests. Authorities say a child was living in one of the houses.

The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force arrests, John Estes, Ashley Kidd-Cochran, and Ashley Josh O'Brien after they say they found evidence of making meth in their homes.
Agents say both homes contained chemicals used to manufacture meth.

"Both locations were active meth labs. They were in and of themselves the fact that the chemicals and things that were there are very dangerous and the fumes they were putting off," explains Sheriff Larry Mincks.

The Sheriff Office says an eight year old was living in the Ohio Blvd. home shared by Estes and Cochran. They say Cochran is the mother and she is also pregnant. Investigators do say they don't believe she was doing the drug but was helping to purchase ingredients.

Estes and Cochran are charged with manufacturing of methamphetamines with the vicinity of a juvenile, Assembly of Chemicals, and endangering Children. O'Brien faces manufacturing of methamphetamine and assembly of chemicals.

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