Two Women Arrested for Having Bath Salts

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Two women are arrested for having bath salts .

Agents with the Major Crimes Task Force were informed the women were involved in suspicious activity in a room at a local hotel.

The agents saw them leave the hotel, then stopped them on Pike Street in Marietta for a traffic violation.

A K-9 indicated there were drugs in the car.

Agents found a glass and funnel with white residue and a glass smoking pipe in the purse of Parkersburg resident Megan Skidmore.

They say Ashley True, of Davisville, had a prescription pill bottle with white powder residue inside it.

The powder from the pill bottle and funnel tested positive as bath salts.

Skidmore and true were arrested on fifth degree felony charges of posession of drugs.

They're in the Washington County Jail.

A man who was with the women was released without charges.

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