UPDATED: Guilty Verdict; Sexual Battery

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A Washington County jury returns a guilty verdict for Daniel Hess.

He is convicted on two charges of sexual battery.

The victim takes the stand in a trial for a man accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

In March on 2012, Daniel Hess was arrested after a underage family member said she had performed various sex acts with him and his live in girl friend, Lacey Day.

Today in the courtroom the victim spoke to the jury about what she experiences.

She says after visiting Hess and Day often, evening living at the home at one time, Hess suggested they "connect." She explained it as "the power of three."

She describes "connecting" as the three of them engaging in sex and other acts together.

She told the jury, Hess told her, if the three of them "connected" she would be protected and stronger. She said he described it as magical and protective.

"And what is "connecting," Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings asks the victim.

"He believed in the 'power of three' and to 'connect' with someone you have to physically be with them, sexual wise, and he wanted that for me so that he could protect us and make us stronger," the victim explained.

The victim said Hess told her it was a part of his and Day's "Wiccan Pagan mix."

The victim told the jury the three of them "connected'" on multiple occasions going into great detail. She said Hess would decide when it would happen and the victim believed Hess was hearing the words of God.

The victim told the jury the "connecting" did not happen every time or even most of the time she visited Hess but that they did "connect" on multiple occasions.

She said she feared what might happen to her if she stopped visiting. She explained she didn't tell anyone because she was scared and didn't want to get anyone else involved. Eventually, the victim told her guidance counselor.

The defense did ask the victim if she had often gone into the woods by herself, believing she was seeing things and hearing things. He asked if she believed she heard and saw things other people couldn't and she said "yes."

Lacey Day plead guilty and received two years in prison in August 2012.

The trial will continue Wednesday.


Lacy Day is sentenced to two years in prison for sexually assaulting a minor.

In march of this year, deputies arrested day and her boyfriend, Daniel Hess.

Investigators say an underage family member of Hess' said the couple performed various sex acts with her.

Daniel Hess and live-in girlfriend Lacey Day, are accused of sexually assaulting a fifteen year old family member.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says the sexual battery occurred on three different occasions starting in late 2010.

They became aware of it all through outside sources. The fifteen year old victim told deputies she performed various sexual acts with both Hess and Day when visiting them.

Deputies say Day admitted to the sexual acts and Hess told deputies what the victim said happened... did happen.

"And he indicated and justified, or tried to justify what he had done by his belief in Wicca which is a form of witchcraft, or the practice of witchcraft," says Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Wicca is defined by dictionary.com as witchcraft, but not in an evil sense, more nature oriented.

Deputies believe the victim was there willingly. Both face a third degree felony charge of sexual battery and are currently being held at the Washington County Jail.

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