Tybee Island Bomb Sparks Interest in History

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UPDATE: 2/13/2012 03:02 PM

Kayla and Alex placed first at the County Social Studies Fair with their Tybee Island Bomb project, and will now advance on to compete at the Regional Fair later in March.

Its been 54 years to the day since a hydrogen bomb was dropped off the shore of Georgia.

A B-47 bomber on a simulated combat mission collided with an F-86. The b-47 stayed airborne, and dropped the bomb in order to reduce weight of the aircraft and avoid an explosion if they crashed.

Since then there have been several searches for the bomb, all unsuccessful.

Kayla Clark is a fifth grader at Mineral Wells Elementary and vacations near Tybee Island with her family. A family member sparked her interest in the mystery, and with the help of Alex Tracewell placed first at the local social studies fair.

"I thought it was really cool to talk to him. I thought it was really awesome to talk to someone who had done all of this history more than you can just read and he could tell you more about it in his words and what he thought. So I thought it was really awesome," say the girls.

With the help of their parents these two students actually found and spoke with the B-47 bomber pilot Colonel Howard Richardson.

There is still debate today about whether or not the bomb had a nuclear capsule, making it a complete weapon.

The two students continue on to the next level of competition at the county social studies fair February 10Th.

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