US Attorney Goodwin Talks Student Safety

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In today's world, a parent's greatest fear is the reality of an increase
in violence at schools.

US Attorney Booth Goodwin is visiting schools in West Virginia about bullying, internet safety, sexting and prescription drugs use.
Back in February of this year, a state wide summit in West Virginia was held to discuss ways that are being done and what can be done to enhance school safety.

An agenda with 10 steps to keeping kids safe was presented today at the "Kid Strong: Joining Forces For Healthy Kids" conference in Charleston. The largest and most important of the steps is placing a preventative resource officer in all our schools.

Goodwin says, they have to look for the causes, such as bullying
and counteract that from the source.

"We have got to be looking at the causes of this violence, and they stem from things like bullying, 75 percent of school shootings, can be tied directly back to bullying. That's why it is so critical to implement a proven strategy at combating bullying," said US Attorney Booth Goodwin, Southern District of West Virginia.

Goodwin says only 65 to 70 schools across the state have any type of officer.

He is traveling the state and creating awareness about this program this summer.

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