U.S. House Hopefuls Spend $2.6M in W.V.

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West Virginia's U.S. House candidates spent $2.6 million during the last three months.

The energy sector, health professionals and financial interests were among the key contributors.

Massey Energy and its business associates helped the GOP's Elliott "Spike" Maynard out raise Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall in the 3rd district, but Rahall entered the race's final month with three times the cash as Maynard after spending $1.1 million.

Democrat Mike Oliverio attracted more contributions than Republican David Mckinley in the 1st District, but Mckinley loaned his campaign another $150,000, and began October with a balance twice as large as Oliverio's.

GOP Rep. Shelley Moore Capito has a massive cash advantage over her 2nd district foe.

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