Understanding The Importance Of Healthy Beekeeping

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People in Parkersburg got to see the sweet side of things Saturday afternoon at the Honey Bee Expo 2014.

The expo was sponsored by the WVU Extension Services and the Mid-Ohio Valley Beekeepers' Association.

Beekeepers from around the region came out to WVUP educate visitors about the importance of healthy beekeeping.

People also got to purchase beekeeping gear along with various other items.

"The healthy beekeeping is to try to tell people that the best bees you can today believe it or not are wild bees out in wild bee trees because they've been in trees for many years," says Sam Hammett of the Mid-Ohio Valley Beekeepers Association.

There was also a raffle drawing for those beekeeping lovers.

The event is now the only beekeeping expo in the valley since the annual West Virginia Honey Festival at City Park was discontinued this year.

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