Uniformed Boys and Cheering Crowds Hit Mall for Race

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Weeks of preparation boil down to a three second shot down the track.

"After I got it completely cut down [making the car] took about a month. Yeah I wanted it to be perfect."

Hundreds of Cub and Boy Scouts flocked to the Grand Central Mall Saturday for the annual Pinewood Derby- a wooden toy car racing tournament.

As tiny graphite wheels tore down tracks all over the mall, a local cop gave speeding tickets to those going too fast.

After receiving citations, a set of brothers were sure they could both make it to the next round in the races.

"Me and him might get first and second," said Gabriel Guess of his brother.

But the boys' grandfather and pack leader says the event is about more than winning or losing.

"[Having] fun, that's the biggest achievement, and sportsmanship."

Kathy Anderson Wise with the Davis Anderson Memorial Pinewood Derby, Allohak Council Championships provided this photo of the winners and the following information in a news release Saturday.

Winners of this year’s event which is held by the Allohak Council of the Boys Scouts of America were:
First row left to right in picture
1st—Landon Wigal—Pack 16
2nd—Christopher Reeder—Pack 52
3rd—Derek Ballengee—Pack 60
4th—Jermey Joyce—Pack 117
5th—Klaeb Galloway—Pack 60

2nd row (back) left to right.
6th—Devon van Allen—Pack 6
7th—Nathan Banks—Pack 217
8th—Joey Shepard—Pack 20
9th—Garrett Holsing—Pack 52
10th—Gavin Shaffer—Pack 6

Also in the photo are Dale Musgrave and Jack Kaull.

Winners of the mayor’s and celebrity race were: The Order of the Arrow car raced by Travis O’dell. Mayor David Nohe took second. Mary Jo Pederson of the Allohak Council Staff took took third place.

In a news release, Wise said date for the 2012 Pinewood Derby Council Championships will be Saturday, February 4, 2012 at the Grand Central Mall.

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