Unlocking Marietta's Historic Secrets

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Marietta has a long history. One many people study and enjoy. But there's lots of hidden stories in the old shops and buildings.

The Hidden Places, Secret Spaces Tour satisfies your curiosity by opening up some of those locked doors.

The Lafayette Hotel was one of five stops on the list. Tour goers got to see what they call the submarine room. Basically the owner's man cave back in the 1950's.

"I think it's the 'what's behind that locked door?' 'What's the secret up in the attic?' You know it just appeals to everybody's sense of mystery I think. It kind of celebrates our old buildings and celebrates our merchants here," says Lynne Sturtevant.

Another great experience, one Front Street building's basement has brick covered windows and doorways. Showing the original street level before roads were raised decades ago.

Organizers say they had a great turnout and people were excited to see how the tour will grow in coming years.

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