UPDATE: "Pro Wrestlers Vs. Zombies" Premieres at PHS

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UPDATE 3/30/2014 6:05 PM

Pro wrestlers, zombies, and all the shenanigans you would expect.

Legends "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas dropped-in The Pizza Place on Dudley Ave. Friday afternoon for a meet and greet with VIP ticket holders.

"The superfan package in total is a hundred bucks. That's to get the meet and greet, the DVD, and the poster," said "superfan" and 'Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies' extra Curtis Ledsome.

The gang then headed over to Parkersburg High School where another meet and greet happened in the cafeteria before the movie premiered at 7:30. For more than 500-local people apart of the film, the wait was finally over.

"I can't imagine making it anywhere else but here in Parkersburg. We'd go on the radio and say, 'hey we need 50-people, 100-people. The next thing you know there would be four or 500-people showing up in zombie make-up," said pro wrestler Shane Douglas.

Serving some 500-zombies was the PHS Navy Jr. ROTC Program.
The students worked the concession stand during the screening.

"We are selling concessions as a fundraiser because we always need money just for our activities. The program is great, the kids are great. We've got good enrollment," said Capt. Dave Ozeroff, Sr. Naval Science Instructor of the Jr. ROTC Program.

After the movie, an after-party at JP Henry's.
For director Cody Knotts, his wrestler/zombie vision, finally coming to fruition.

UPDATE 2/17/2014 4:35 PM

A new movie filmed here at home premieres in Parkersburg after all.

Parkersburg High School hosts the debut of "Pro-Wrestlers Vs. Zombies".

School officials confirm PHS will be the site of the March 28th debut of "Pro Wrestlers Vs. Zombies".

The school is renting the auditorium to the production crew, that makes about 1,300 available tickets.

More than 500 local people were part of the independent film, including a lot of Big Reds students who were extras.

"We also had pro-wrestling here last spring and they filmed some of the movie during that pro-wrestling over in the field house," says Lori Lowers, athletic director. "So I think there was a great deal of interest from the community to have it here in Parkersburg."

Production crews say they originally had a verbal agreement with the Smoot Theatre to host the premiere.

But management cancelled, after reportedly saying there was never a formal agreement.

Filmmakers then scrambled to keep the premiere in Parkersburg where most of the movie was shot.

UPDATE 1/23/2014 4:35 PM

Big names came to Parkersburg to make a movie this past year.

But "Pro Wrestlers Versus Zombies" won't premiere here.

That's because the movie makers had to tap out to the Smoot.

More than 500 local people were part of "Pro Wrestlers Versus Zombies", a big reason why filmmakers wanted to hold the premiere in Parkersburg.

But now the producers say the Smoot Theatre won't debut the film on March 28th because it's not family friendly.

The production team says the two sides had a verbal agreement several months back.

"They said the date was clear and there were no problems so as far as we knew, everything was in place," says Emily Lapisardi, music supervisor for the movie. "We were just waiting to receive paperwork from them, which we never received."

We've tried repeatedly to talk with Smoot representatives, but our calls haven't been returned.

The production team is now talking with other area venues, trying to keep the screening in Parkersburg.

They say they'll go to Charleston as a last resort, should they have no luck here in the Valley.

Parkersburg is the hot spot for the upcoming film, Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies.

And it's week two of filming, this time at the Fort Boreman Historical Park Thursday.

We told you last week about the flick.

And ever since, zombies and their fans have taken over the valley.

They've been shooting all over Parkersburg from the old jail to the City Park.

Zombie and pro wrestler lovers are excited about bringing Parkersburg some national exposure.

"The film office was wonderful, actually, I talked to Jamie Cope there from the film office, he's here tonight and the fact that the Wood County Commissioners were so easy to deal with and they made it wonderful here and the town's been amazing. So it's a perfect location," says Director and Writer Cody Knotts.

Film makers say they will be filming in Parkersburg until January 20th or the 21st.

If you want to participate in the movie, visit the "Pro Wrestlers versus Zombies" page on Facebook.

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