UPDATE: Washington County Rabbit and Poultry Barn Completed

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UPDATE 8/25/2014 5:05 PM

Preparing for the Washington County Fair.

4-H members look forward to a new rabbit and poultry barn.

After a fire two years ago, the new and improved barn is ready to go.

The Washington County Fair Board president says construction went well and the building is actually 500 square feet bigger.

He is a little worried about the cooling system for the barn and keeping the temperature down for the animals during the fair.

He believes the barn is better in many ways, but it is not insulated or heated.

He says the materials used to build it, especially the ceiling is actually made to keep the barn cooler.

And of course, the kids really are very excited to have a barn, but also hesitant and hoping everything will run smoothly.

UPDATE 9/26/2013 5:20 PM

Commissioners take the next step in rebuilding the poultry and rabbit barn at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

Contractors presented bids Thursday to the commissioners and Architect David Haught.

After a fire destroyed the Washington County poultry barn last spring, the county has been working to replace the barn for the fair.

Thursday six contractors presented bids, three of which were in range of the estimated cost of the contract.

Architect Haught says the lowest bidder was Gillard Construction.

If they pass the guidelines, the job may be awarded to them.

"Review the paper work according to the Ohio Revised Code guidelines and make sure that the apparent low bidder - Gillard Construction- is actually the lowest responsive and responsible bidder according to those Ohio Revised Code guidelines," Haught says.

Haught says within the next week, the commissioners will make a recommendation.

He says construction could start immediately upon the awarded contracts - end of October or early November.

After that construction itself is set to take 180 days.

The fire this past spring in the poultry and rabbit barn makes for some rearranging at the Washington County Fair this year.

"Scary at first, but we are glad to say we are ready for them. We are excited for that area this year to be a little different but we will make due with it until we can get us a new barn," said Jeremy Barth, Washington County Fair Board Secretary.

Plans for the new barn are under way. Architect David Haught met with the Washington County Commissioners Thursday, to present plans for the new barn and they said yes.

"I had reviewed the design with the fair board members extensively up to this point, and it was presenting to the commissioners to get their authorization to actually release it for bids now," said Haught.

Haught says the construction will start in October and should last around 180 days. They even worked to make sure cost of the barn was a low as possible.

"Since the last time when we first started the design, we've been exploring all the options to make it economical as possible but also meet the flood plain requirements because it is located in the flood plain," said Haught.

The fair board says they were a little worried and didn't know what was going to happen with the poultry barn this year at the fair, but there are two temporary tents sent up. Barth says, this issue was very important, especially because of the 4-H kids.

"It concerned me, what was I going to do with those kids? Where are we going to put those animals? We luckily have a group that works with us called the small animal committee, they are a sub-division and they got their brains going. What can we do to make sure we have this ready, for these kids at fair time," said Barth.

Barth says the small animals committee thought of everything and this is a great solution.

"Ya know luckily we were able to work through that and get everything prepared," he said.

Architect Haught agrees and says this will work for the weekend.

"I think that will accommodate their needs for now, and we would of liked to have moved the new project through quicker but with the requirements for the flood plane and all the design requirements to go through, the timing just wouldn't allow that," said Haught.

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