Updating The Property Maintenance Code

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The Marietta City Council made a decision Thursday night that will help put an end to people putting piles of garbage out in their yards.

The city council updated the Property Maintenance Code at their monthly meeting after discussing the matter for nine months.

This means that people will no longer be allowed to have piles of garbage or junk out in their yards.

The property maintenance code is a minimum standard for health and safety reasons within the city.

"We have 196 nuisance complaints filed so far this year in our town. They go into our health department and then they get divvied out in various directions and there's no penalty if you are a repeat offender, if you continually damage your neighborhood," says Marietta City Council First Ward, Roger Kalter.

The city's administration hopes to get a code enforcement plan in place soon.

Council members say that the new code will help improve property values.

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