Upward Bound Cleans Up Marietta

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They go to school and help fix up the community.

The six week summer Upward Bound program brings kids in from the surrounding communities for special summer classes and activities.

The program helps teens who qualify financially and go to the camp during high school with scholarships to college.

The teens stay at McCoy hall on the Marietta College Campus.

Today they were clearing the side walks and bike paths at East Muskingum park in Marietta.

"A group of Upward Bound students actually came to my school and we had an assembly and they told us about the summer program, they told us what we do when it's not summer, and I was really interested in it, so I decided to join," said Deanna Darrach, Sophomore Camper from Belpre.

There were around 24 teens there today working on the park and river trial as well as more at other sights around the community.

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