Upward Bound Cleans the Dog Park

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The Upward Bound campers are at it again, helping the community this time at the dog park.

The Upward Bound campers were up at Jackson Hill Park today cleaning the old basketball court.

The summer program brings kids in from the surrounding communities for special summer classes and activities. The program helps teens who qualify financially earn scholarships for college.

Supervisor Meagan Rinard says these kids are great workers and this project today, especially is an important asset for the community.

"Today we are trying to clean up the dog park, because the dog park is recently new, this used to be a park that no one every used. They are trying to utilize the kids to clean up what is already there, to make it better so people can not only bring their dogs up here but bring their families so that way they can play basketball. They are going to build the pavilion and have cook outs to use as a family friendly place again," said Meagan Rinard, RA for Upward Bound Campers.

Dog owners watching them today said this was the perfect place to bring your pets and relax, hoping the park itself can be cleaned and used by more of the community.

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