Urban Deer Managment Program

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A managed deer hunt comes to town for the third year after complaints about the animals pour in from people in North Parkersburg.

Many of those people have deer damage and they want it to stop.

Mayor Bob Newell says the hunt eliminates the deer population inside the city from destroying plants, flowers and anything else they see.

“It's been quite a problem for those folks living up in the northern part of the city and other parts of the city, he says. “The reason we have it there (at Johnson T. Janes Park) is because that's really the largest piece of land the city owns that is useful for a deer hunt.”

The mayor says it's important for people to know that it's actually bow hunting, no guns are used.
Also, it has to be from a tree stand -- only for those issued one of 30 permits on a first come first basis.

The hunt starts September 7.

For more information or to schedule an alternate test date, call Rick Lemley at 304-424-8559.

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