Urban Deer Hunting

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They can come out of nowhere, and after crashing into them, they may cause you to look like a deer in headlights, but Parkersburg City Council has decided on a dear hunting ordinance that may help control the deer population within city limits.

"These deer now are becoming dangers. They're also being hit by cars. You never used to ever see a deer within the city of Parkersburg, and now we're seeing that," said City Council President John Rockhold.

The details of the hunt are still yet to be determined, but the hunt could last as long as the week before, and the week after "archery only season."

"If we can minimize the population, we're not going to eradicate the population, but we are going to minimize it and to keep the number down to where it doesn't be as destructive to the deer nor to us," Rockhold said.

The location of the hunts will be restricted to designated parks including Johnson T. Janes Park, but some parents are worried bow and arrows where young children play may be dangerous.

"I think that there are concerns of safety especially that anyone a parent would have," Parkersburg resident Jennifer Harmon said.

There are laws within the ordinance to help protect the community during hunting season including "no hunting shall take place closer than five hundred feet from the property boundary of school property which contains a school building."

"There are some things within the law itself that states that the arrows have to be going inward and not outward and of course where they are allowed to place their tree stands," Rockhold said.

Other residents in favor of the ordinance just hope the hunt will keep deer from eating their gardens.

According to Mayor Newell, Marietta also has a similar deer hunt ordinance.

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