Using Their Heads

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James Burgess has a rare form of pediatric cancer. He's now recovering at home after being treated at Columbus's Childrens Hospital. One of those students saw of video of James after he underwent chemotherapy.

" I went to every classroom and told everyone, and they did it," says Devon Dalrymple. "And it made me really happy."

What they did, was come to school Friday with their heads shaved. A community member offered a five dollar match for each bald head. and that, in part, prompted at least one teacher to take part.

"It's touched all of the people in the school in some way; the staff and the staff members who are parents," says art teacher Mindy Bussey, who has taught Burgess in her class. "It's difficult to imagine what that family is going through, difficult to imagine what James is going through."

At least one of the students is quite familiar with this form of support for cancer patients. She has donated her hair to organizations such as locks of love.

"My hair was really long before, and I've donated it three times," says Shaina Baker. "All three times, it's been donated to eight people already."

The youngsters are also putting together a backpack full of cards showing their support for their fellow student.

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