VA Wait Times in West Virginia, Ohio

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More troubling numbers regarding wait times at the VA.

Not hours, or days, but months.

Numbers released from the VA Monday show some really long waiting times at centers across West Virginia and Ohio.

It took up to a month at five VA facilities in Ohio to schedule most patients.

Meanwhile, the wait for new patients seeking a primary care doctor in Clarksburg was 54 days.

That's almost four times longer than the VA anticipated.

Officials in Clarksburg say it's an issue of some new patients delaying their initial appointments.

"We're drilling down to see where the delays might be so we can promptly address those. We manage our resources well," says Beth Brown, director of the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center. "The number that we're looking at we're trying to drill down to make sure that we haven't missed anything."

The VA says meeting their goal of getting patients to a doctor within 14 days wasn't possible due to lack of resources and growing demand.

The audit found more than 57,000 veterans nationwide have been waiting up to three months for a medical appointment.

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