UPDATE: Vienna Man Sentenced for Using Fake Prescription

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UPDATE 09/01/2015 4:43 PM

Court officials say a Vienna man that used a fraudulent prescription will spend the next 1-4 years in prison.

Back in May, Gregory Horner went to a local Rite Aid pharmacy to get a forged Xanax prescription filled.

Horner pleaded guilty to obtaining a controlled substance via fraud.

A Vienna man arrested three times on three different charges, in less than seven hours.

Vienna Police arrest Gregory Horner three separate times on Tuesday.

Police say it first started around 11 AM Tuesday, after a call about a fraudulent prescription for Xanax on Monday at Rite Aid pharmacy. While officers were there, they say their suspect, Horner walked again, trying to use another suspected fake prescription.

He was arrested for forging a prescription. Horner posted bond.

Just hours later police responded to Horner's house after a call of a domestic dispute between him and his wife. Horner's wife got a protective order and Horner was arrested for domestic battery. He again posted bond.

Again, just after five Tuesday evening, police again went to the house after Horner had gone back, violating the protective order.

He was then arrested for the third time, within seven hours.

Horner was arraigned on the violation and immediately sentenced to a mandatory ten days for the violation.

He faces a possibility of one to four years for the charges.

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